• Shift Wellness
    Personal Training, Massage

    Shift Wellness

    95 University Place 8th Floor, New York
    Safety guidelines
    Shift Wellness is a bright and open healing space that provides an atmosphere of…
  • The Drip Fitness
    Personal Training, Boxing, …

    The Drip Fitness

    22 Hudson Place, Hoboken
    CYCLING | STRENGTH& HIIT | BARRE |BOXING sweat baptizing, core burning, rhythm loving…
  • Warrior Style Personal Training
    Personal Training

    Warrior Style Personal Training

    353 West Street, New York
    Warrior Style is a training method that combines Muay Thai, Boxing and elements of…
  • Hustle N Muscles LLC
    Personal Training

    Hustle N Muscles LLC

    Hudson St, Jersey City
    Hustle N Muscles was born out of a deep passion for providing busy, hard-working…

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