• Seeking Space Yoga
    Yoga, Strength Training

    Seeking Space Yoga

    8525 Southwest Barbur Boulevard, Portland
    Safety guidelines

    ( V ) Heated Hatha + Flow

    Class was great, heat was lovely, sequence was easy to follow. I wasn’t a fan of the loud hip hop music, only because I couldn’t hear rees voice for almost the entire class. Probably because it was a mix of how loud the volume was and also that every song had lyrics. So was getting a bit frustrated trying to decode what she was saying amongst whomever was singing in the background.
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    Seeking Space Yoga provides an inclusive space to experience all you seek within…
  • The Pilates Barre, Portland
    Pilates, Barre, …

    The Pilates Barre, Portland

    6343 SW Capitol Hwy, Suite A, Portland

    Reformer/Chair Circuit - level 1/2

    Ronda was a great instructor! Attentive, provided easy to follow cues and instruction. She also helped provide deeper stretches to each individual. I’ll definitely be back for more classes with her!
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    The Pilates Barre is a boutique Pilates studio which opened in the Hillsdale neighborhood…