• Kondi Fitness
    Strength Training

    Kondi Fitness

    1462 W 8th Ave, Suite 100, Vancouver

    Kondi Cals South Granville

    FYI: This studio is pet-friendly. I was wondering why I started getting an allergic reaction in the middle of class. But didn’t realize until the end when I was wiping off my mat and saw dog hairs. Other than that, it was a good workout.
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    Kondi Fitness is Vancouver's premiere fitness studio for group classes. They offer…
  • Jenna Maye Fitness
    Strength Training

    Jenna Maye Fitness

    1540 West 2nd Ave, unit 305, Vancouver

    Arms and Abs

    This circuit workout is going to get your heart rate up! It’s an ice mix of different exercises and cardio. Jenna is really friendly, and is good at suggesting adjustments. There were a lot of new people in her class, and she easily helped us all feel comfortable, and get a good workout.
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    Who is Jenna? Jenna Maye is a Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer from Vancouver…
  • Dynasty Gym
    Strength Training

    Dynasty Gym

    1449 Hornby St, Vancouver
    Dynasty Gym is the premier destination for group classes, including Olympic Weightlifting…
  • Vibe Fitness
    Stretching, Boxing, …

    Vibe Fitness

    1304 Seymour St, Vancouver
    Vibe Fitness is currently hosting classes in a beautiful Yaletown studio at Seymour…
  • eBody
    Strength Training


    435 Davie Street, Vancouver
    Safety guidelines


    B said this new routine was called Vibe and Kill. Well, I almost died. It was awesome to have new moves thrown in there - I could hardly hold my arms up to blow dry my hair after! Such a good, intense workout and B’s encouragement and motivation always help to get me to the finish line!
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    Revolutionize the way you train. Low impact, highly effective, time saving work out…
  • Krystal Fit Studio
    Free livestreams, Strength Training

    Krystal Fit Studio

    1591 W. 6th Ave., Vancouver


    Amanda is an amazing teacher!
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    If you’re looking for a studio with classes that are as challenging as they are fun…

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