• Tease Studio
    Dance, Aerial, …

    Tease Studio

    3534 Walnut St, Denver

    Static Pole L2

    Ashlee is a fantastic instructor. Not only does she give full breakdowns of each move (and advanced moves for those in higher levels), Ashlee explains WHY we do everything. She gives us the mechanics and talks about next steps as we get stronger and move up in levels. Highly enjoyable class!
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    Check out Denver’s most GLAM dance & fitness space, offering the most unique & tempting…
  • Viv Cycle
    Cycling, Strength Training, …

    Viv Cycle

    3611 Walnut St., Denver

    Viv Ride

    I really like Nadine’s class, she’s a fun instructor. Two things people should know: they do charge for shoes, and the screen on the bikes don’t light up, so it’s hard to tell what your power lever is.
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    They are one of the most inclusive, dynamic, and challenging fitness studios in…

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