• [solidcore]
    Pilates, Strength Training


    117 Adams Street, Brooklyn
    Safety guidelines

    Off Peak - Full Body

    Ruby was an amazing instructor and I appreciated the class as a reformer Pilates devotee, but this workout is crazy hard if you don’t have the core strength to hold up your body weight. If I did this regularly I would have abs of steel. Be warned!
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    [solidcore] is a 50-minute, full body workout that uses slow, controlled movements…
  • WundaBar Pilates

    WundaBar Pilates

    155 Montague Street, Brooklyn
    Safety guidelines

    WundaBar Workout

    Thea was an excellent kind instructor. She said she usually teaches evenings. I wish the class was a little longer. 45 min felt short but overall nice workout. The machine is a combo of a chair/ reformer/ jump board. Socks are required which i don’t love as my feet are always swimming around. I appreciated overall style is more like classical pilates vs megaformer style. Studio has AC, is clean, has water fountain and cubbies.
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    WundaBar Pilates takes core power, body sculpting cardio and true strength to unparalleled…