• Surya Yoga Academy
    Yoga, Strength Training

    Surya Yoga Academy

    341 Grove St, Jersey City
    Safety guidelines

    Surya Hot Flow - Level 1

    Our instructor Megan was great, she took the time to correct my stance several times. Was concise and easy to follow. She also topped off the class with an adjustment and aromatherapy with tea tree oil. Playlist was a fun mix which helped to keep me engaged. The facilities need work, a lot of keys are missing on the lockers and the heat was disappointing. Temperature was turned on at 100 but it felt like 80 tops. I felt a strong draft from the window throughout the class.
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    Surya Yoga in Jersey City offers a rich variety of Hot and Traditional Yoga classes…
    Strength Training, Running, …


    150 Bay Street, Jersey City


    This was my first class with the tread and I loved it! I do not like running but all the intervals and variety keep it interesting. Super challenging. Cara gives really good instruction and motivation.
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    MEGA combines the world's fastest treadmill with the most advanced Lagree Megaformer…
  • Row House
    Rowing, Strength Training

    Row House

    70 Hudson Street, Suite 125, Jersey City
    Safety guidelines


    Valerie was SO great! I’ve been to the Row House in Chelsea a bunch and I find that the class quality really depends on the instructor, but Valerie was amazing! Welcoming, challenging, kind—I’ll definitely be back!
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    Maximize Results, Minimize Time. A low-impact workout designed to build muscle, torch…
  • Nimbus Arts Center
    Dance, Yoga, …

    Nimbus Arts Center

    329 Warren Street, Jersey City
    Safety guidelines
    The School of Nimbus at the Nimbus Arts Center is now offering NimbusFIT: Adult Dance…