• MegaMode (formerly K-Kore by Lagree Fitness)
    Pilates, Strength Training

    MegaMode (formerly K-Kore by Lagree Fitness)

    8 Goldie Pl, Melbourne
    Safety guidelines

    MegaKore - All Levels

    These torture devices make Reformer Pilates look like a rocking chair. Every part of my body felt like jelly so must be working ;) Great instructor, brand new equipment, slick studio.
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    MegaMode, located at 8 Goldie Place, Melbourne CBD. is quite possibly the most beautiful…
  • Fit Tribe
    Boxing, Strength Training

    Fit Tribe

    10 LaTrobe Street, Melbourne

    Sweat HIIT

    Quite challenging but lovely and encouraging vibes. Too bad the trainer busted me in IGA afterwards with a bag of burger rings and bottle of rosé in hand. The shame!!
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    Combining strength, functional & conditioning methods will develop a leaner, stronger…
  • Sole Motive Training Club
    Yoga, Strength Training

    Sole Motive Training Club

    170 Queen Street, Melbourne
    The Sole Motive Training Club is an all-encompassing space for your fitness and wellness…

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