• Redemption Strength & Conditioning
    Strength Training, Outdoors, …

    Redemption Strength & Conditioning

    107 Atlantic Ave, Boston
    Safety guidelines


    The class goes by so fast and you really get motivated by the clock. I dont strength train a lot so this kind of small class with the instructor personalizing support and help was perfect for me. 10/10 coming back and bringing friends!
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    Welcome to Boston's premiere strength & conditioning studio, where we aim to narrow…
  • Beantown Bootcamp
    Strength Training, Outdoors

    Beantown Bootcamp

    90 Canal St, Boston

    Indoor Core Cardio Crush All Level

    I attended the Core & Cardio session. The gym is in a locked building but the concierge lets you in immediately and will direct you to the gym in the basement. There is no water fountain so bring enough water, you will need it. There was a 90 minute boot camp before this class and about half a dozen people stayed for the next class which is meant to illustrate there’s a lot of enthusiasm for the work going on here. As far as Core & Cardio it was 3 sets of 12 minute AMRAPs with 4 circuits each. There were some short runs included in each set. I was thoroughly exhausted by the end, and I am *feeling it* today (very sore).
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    Beantown Bootcamp is an old school approach to fitness in a world of "fluff-letics…
  • North End Yoga
    Yoga, Outdoors, …

    North End Yoga

    256 Hanover St, Boston

    Kundalini Yoga

    So I am ranking this with the full disclosure that I am a novice at Kundalini. I don’t want to mark the studio or instructor off for that though cause that’s on me. As someone who enjoys yoga and a yin and meditation and self care (but does not practice regularly in any these) this was odd for me. The instructor was reading off her iPad the entire time and did not seem like she knew what was coming next or how to prepare for the class the breathing or the next move. It was super chunky like no flow and honestly a lot of the moves of breathing and jumping around (basically yoga burpees at one point) was a bit jarring. That all being said - again never having practiced kundalini before - the mantras, the chanting and the focus on self healing and restoration was great. I think I need to do some research and come back to it.
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    North End Yoga is a yoga oasis that will help you escape the hustle and bustle of…

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