• V12 Yoga
    Yoga, Strength Training, …

    V12 Yoga

    600 S Harwood St, Dallas

    All Level Flow

    Sean was very kind and attentive to our form. He even walked through a new move with me! The music he played in the end was also quite healing. Loved the good mix of yin and yang poses provided in this session!
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    V12 Yoga is located in the Dallas Farmers Market and offers Energy Flow Yoga for…
  • Harmony Yoga & Health
    Yoga, Stretching, …

    Harmony Yoga & Health

    1444 Oak Lawn Avenue #319, Dallas
    Safety guidelines

    Vinyasa Flow (75 mins.)

    Stephanie is one of the toughest instructors in dallas but she gives suck great explanation on where to move/place which body part, the smallest change can make the biggest difference! I’d had my back foot wrong for warrior one basically for as long as I’ve been practicing until her class and now it feels completely different!
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    Harmony Yoga and Health is a community that provides a variety of holistic services…