• EverybodyFights
    Gym Time, Boxing, …


    15 Channel Center St, Boston
    Safety guidelines


    I love EBF but they really need to get it together with their technology. I cant remember the last class I went to where there wasnt a problem with the audio or screens. Not Colleens fault she managed through it well. But if a key reason to love EBF is the fact that they are digitally minded, the digital stuff... needs to actually work.
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    Train like a boxer. Live like a fighter. EverybodyFights features five class experiences…
  • Lifted Fitness + Performance
    Strength Training

    Lifted Fitness + Performance

    72 K St, Boston


    The instructor sent the workout in advance including at-home modifications which was super helpful, and she was super sweet and attentive even on Zoom so I felt like I was part of the class!! Very tough and good 30 minute workout.
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    Our full-body, high-intensity workouts incorporate free weights, kettlebells, ropes…
  • Sweat Fixx
    Strength Training, Rowing, …

    Sweat Fixx

    323 Dorchester Avenue, Boston


    Class was an amazing workout. Molly was very welcoming and encouraging. She pushed me more than I thought I could go. Class is a mix of rowing and conditioning. So glad Sweat Fixx offered the class at 5 credits (this class was small) instead of keeping it all the way at 9 credits for a small class. Thats the reason I went!
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    It's rowing- and so much more. SweatFixx is a boutique fitness studio specializing…

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