• BODYROK Chicago
    Pilates, Stretching

    BODYROK Chicago

    714 N Clark Street, Chicago
    Safety guidelines


    Really great first class as Janie went out of her way to make me feel welcome. She gave me an overview of the machines, made sure I was comfortable with the weight before we started, and she checked in with me throughout the the class. Thanks!
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    BODYROK offers a pilates-inspired, 40-minute, full-body, strength training on the…
  • Vibez Fit
    Strength Training, Barre, …

    Vibez Fit

    664 North Wells Street, Chicago
    Safety guidelines

    Strong Full Body Vibez

    This class was the perfect mix of fun and challenging and everyone at the studio was incredibly welcoming. I will definitely be back to try more classes here!
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    Vibez Fit is a revolutionary, 30-minute full-body workout that combines strength…
  • Fit Results
    Strength Training, Rowing, …

    Fit Results

    731 S Plymouth Ct., Chicago


    A lot of body weight moves that will work you out. Second time at this gym and truly, they have such good equipment and instructors! Don’t be misled by the affordable class! They have a lot of room and really focus on your workout, almost no downtime, and gets it done. Can’t wait to come back.
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    Fit Results is a community based gym and are known for their fast growing High Intensity…
  • Row House
    Stretching, Rowing, …

    Row House

    185 North Halsted Street, Chicago
    Safety guidelines

    Express Signature

    I’d never rowed before and it’s fun! I will need to work on my form to get more out of the workout, but I’ll go back for sure. Staff was terrific- super nice, with multiple people there to help us get set up well. Jake was eager to answer questions and help new people at the end, too. I worked new muscles and really enjoyed the class!
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    Maximize Results, Minimize Time. A low-impact workout designed to build muscle, torch…
  • ASPIS Studio LLC
    Aerial, Stretching, …

    ASPIS Studio LLC

    328 South Jefferson Street Suite 150, Chicago

    Bungee Workout for Beginners

    It was a small class and we got a little bit of a slow start, early in the week/work week. Once we got geared up and into the rhythm, the experience was fun, secure, and like none other. Jacqueline was super and took time to talk about any concerns. I will definitely be back to master this new form of working out!
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    Deep Stretching and Bungee Workout is Innovative Fitness Program designed by a gymnastic…