• The People's Bootcamp
    Livestream HIIT, Low-credit livestreams, …

    The People's Bootcamp

    939 8th Ave, between 55th and 56th St, New York

    High Intensity Bodyweight Conditioning

    Even though its 45 min, you will break a sweat and feel the burn. I like that they give us an option to pay as you like cause its a donation based class. Its helpful when we are low on CP credits!
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    The People's Bootcamp offers a full-body revolution. No weights, no equipment and…
  • The Mixtape Fit Bootcamp
    Low-credit livestreams, Strength Training

    The Mixtape Fit Bootcamp

    133 east 55th street, 2nd floor, New York

    The MixtapeFit Bootcamp

    Hollywood comes in drill sergeant style with a great workout as always. Incorporates flexibility, agility, cardio and core all in a hours time in a relatively spacious gym. Come get fit at 55th and Lex
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    The Mixtape Bootcamp is a cutting edge boot camp training style program that combines…
  • The Pilates Circuit
    Livestream pilates, Livestream strength training, …

    The Pilates Circuit

    154 East 64th Street, New York

    The CIRCUIT High Intensity Pilates

    This is is awesome work out!! Tamara is an amazing teacher and I highly recommend this class. I wish I lived in the area - I would do it every day.
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    The Pilates Circuit is a Full-Body strength class. Taking all the great parts of…
  • Velocity Sports Performance NYC
    Stretching, Strength Training

    Velocity Sports Performance NYC

    133 E 58th Street, New York

    High Velocity

    Definitely an “athlete’s training” class. A raw gym space that incorporated sprints, body weight work, weights and sled pushes. The class felt like a workout you would have at studios like “body space fitness” or “personal structured fitness.” Great community feel.
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    Over 20 years ago when world-class track coach Loren Seagrave founded Velocity, they…
  • CrossFit NYC
    Strength Training

    CrossFit NYC

    157 Columbus Ave, New York

    CrossFit Fundamentals

    Class was not exactly strenuous, the instructor focused primarily on form. Great intro to cross-fit. I will definitely be back!
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    CrossFit NYC is one the ten oldest CrossFit affiliates in the world (2005). They…
  • Prime Time Tumbling Inc
    Strength Training

    Prime Time Tumbling Inc

    1601 Broadway, 11th Floor, New York City


    Came to this class with no previous tumbling experience and still walked away feeling like it’s something I could realistically get better at if I keep going to class.
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    Prime Time Tumbling's objective is to give the learner a thorough and rewarding learning…
  • CBFIT Wellness
    Strength Training

    CBFIT Wellness

    939 8th Avenue - Studio 4A, New York


    Amazing full body workout! My legs feel like jello lol. The trainer, Corbin, has such positive & uplifting energy! The music selection really helped keep my energy up too - which was necessary because the workout was definitely challenging. There were people of all levels in this class and Corbin made sure each workout was appropriate & challenging for everybody. Nice studio, good size, with lots of mirrors so you can see what you’re doing. Definitely would recommend this class!
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    Everyone's got body goals, summer goals, it doesn't matter but we need to start moving…
  • Mom in Balance
    Prenatal, Postnatal, …

    Mom in Balance

    3E E 67th St, New York
    Mom in Balance offers outdoor workouts to stay fit & active during and after pregnancy…
  • Naturally Cut Fitness
    Strength Training

    Naturally Cut Fitness

    133 East 55th Street, New York
    Their trainers take your fitness goals seriously. They understand that getting to…

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