• 1Rebel
    Strength Training, Boxing


    9 Holles Street, London

    Reshape Full Body & Abs

    Best workout I’ve ever done at 1Rebel. Danny is an amazing instructor. For the first time at 1Rebel I felt like I was doing proper strength training (when on floor). It felt all just like cardio with other instructors. Generally, I think 1Rebel should do more to correct participants’ form - I regularly see people moving in a way that will harm their knees, wrists or necks.
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    Oxford Circus is about putting in the hard yards and loving every minute. We want…
  • YMCA Club
    Strength Training, Yoga, …

    YMCA Club

    YMCA Club, London


    Great workout. Instructor doesnt leave enough time for warm down, though is often a rush at the end, as many people need to leave to get to work.
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    The YMCA Club is the largest gym in Central London. With 65 classes a week they're…
  • Gymbox
    Strength Training, Cycling, …


    42 – 49 St Martins Lane, London


    Kate was fantastic!! Welcoming, creative and held the space so well. I love this class! And I’ve found a new favourite yoga teacher!
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    Ok imagine this. It’s 2003, there is only one style of gym. A one size fits all kinda…