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    The Golden Nail

    316 South Rangeline Road Suite D, Carmel


    This feedback is for The Golden Nail salon and the classpass concierge employee. I arrived for my appointment and after she had started the service, she informed me only a manicure ($18) was paid for instead of a pedicure ($28). She informed me I would be responsible for the difference of $10. She continued to insist 3 classpass appointments were made together (2 manicure & 1 pedicure) but the concierge employee paid for 3 manicures. I had not received any communication from the concierge employee so I had no idea if this was correct or not. (I have used this service before when I was traveling in Florida and I had received communication from the concierge employee with a picture of the receipt and contact information if I had any problems.) The employee continued to insist on the information above, she continued my pedicure, and I was trying to receive help through the chat. 15 minutes into my service another customer arrived with no appointment. She took care of the other customer and got her situated into a pedicure chair. At this point, she finished cutting my nails, wiped my leg down with a hot towel, and proceeded to paint my nails. No lotion or anything else extra that were listed on their service menu were given. When it came time to pay, she charged my credit card $28 instead of the $10 difference. She argued with me she would be refunding me $10 instead of the $18. After a lot of back and forth (all in front of the other customer), she finally refunded me the correct amount of $18. Lastly, she started on the next customer while my nails dried and proceeded to call her husband to receive confirmation $18 was paid and not $28. I heard him respond that a pedicure was booked and that they received $28. HOWEVER the name that was written down was “Nini” and my name is Winnie. I don’t know if this error was on the classpass concierge employee or the business. So she asked me to confirm my name and kept insisting to her husband that “Nini” was not me even though it was written for my appointment time and for my service. *Shai who I talked to on the chat was wonderful and very helpful. They were able to refund the $10 before I even left the salon. Classpass absolutely made it right on their end. This review is for The Golden Nail salon and the classpass concierge employee who made this appointment.
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