• Fit9
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    3231 Cains Hill Place, Atlanta
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    FIT9 Full Body

    This was the hardest class I’ve ever taken in Atlanta. Harder than any spin class / boot camp/ hit workout ever! (And I’ve done 200 workouts on classpass). It’s such a great cardio workout because you go back and forth from the skill mill (Manual treadmill) to boxing to floor workouts. The teachers do an awesome job helping new people and correct your form the whole time.
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    FIT9 is a one-hour full body workout designed to help you achieve your physical and…
    Strength Training


    445 Plasamour Dr NE, Atlanta

    Chest, Back & Abs

    Really great class! I was intimidated by the name and the pics of the gym at first, but Nathan was a really great, welcoming instructor. He kept me motivated and corrected my form. This was challenging and rewarding! I recommend this if you tend to get sidetracked during your workouts. I also recommend this for beginners who want to go to the gym but dont know what to do. Ill def be back!
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    ARMOURBODY provides a motivating and smart training experience directed towards competitive…

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