• Performance Lab by The Wright Fit
    Strength Training, Yoga, …

    Performance Lab by The Wright Fit

    28-17 42nd Road, Long Island City
    Safety guidelines

    Strength Rx

    Eric is such a motivating instructor in all the best ways. I like that he’s so calm but still manages to be upbeat and encouraging. What I particularly liked about this class is that because it was a bit more full, Eric was accompanied by another staff member to lead the second group through the circuits so both groups got individual attention, encouragement, and clarity. Super, super helpful! As for the workout, kicked my butt but it was super doable.
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    Performance Lab is the ultimate dual fitness studio focused on wholistic programming…
  • FlexFiit
    Strength Training


    25-34 31st Street, Astoria
    Safety guidelines

    HIIT / Strength Training - Group Class

    I have taken 3 classes now and really like Flex Fit. Challenging but fun. Classes are more like 45-50 min long (which is great! Just not the 60 listed)
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    FLEXFiiT specializes in high-intensity circuit training. In a 45-minute FLEXFiiT…
  • Form50 Fitness
    Strength Training

    Form50 Fitness

    31-57 31st St, Queens
    Safety guidelines


    The instructor was super welcoming and nice! He took the time before class to show the new people how to use the machines and was encouraging throughout class. There is no judgment if you need to take breaks, which is great if you’re just starting out. It’s a tough workout! I think I’ll stick to foundations for a a bit.
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    FORM50 is the best 50 minutes of your day! They use custom designed equipment…
  • Yoga Agora
    Yoga, Outdoors, …

    Yoga Agora

    33-02 Broadway, 2nd floor (entrance on 33rd Street), New York
    Safety guidelines

    Level 2

    This was my first class with Matt. Great instructor, great class- it felt like a good workout! Some of the postures were challenging for me, but I appreciated them. This is definitely not a beginners class- a lot of the time was spent on paying attention to what was being vocalized and following instruction. Overall, I enjoyed it!
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    Yoga Agora is one of New York City's best reviewed yoga studios. They offer traditional…
  • The Row Astoria
    Rowing, Strength Training, …

    The Row Astoria

    26-43 18th Street, Astoria
    Safety guidelines

    Cardio Bootcamp

    I think this is the sweatiest workout ever! Get ready to put in some real work here! Great format for those who need practice before Spartan Deka or Hyrox. Friendly coaches. Thank you as always, guys!
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    The Row Astoria incorporate indoor rowing on the Concept 2 rower and add circuit…
  • Fit Club
    Sports recovery, Outdoors, …

    Fit Club

    21-03 31st Avenue, Queens
    Safety guidelines
    Fit Club is one of the premier five-star Physical Therapy and Sports Performance…
  • EVF Performance
    Strength Training, Rowing, …

    EVF Performance

    1623 York Ave, New York
    Safety guidelines

    EVF 360

    It would have been nice to have spoken to someone before the end of class, staff wise. But I really do like this place and community and enjoyed the class. I would say you should have experience with weighting movements.
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    Prepare to look and feel your best with high-intensity classes that combine the most…
  • Ginja Ninja Athletics
    Boxing, Martial Arts, …

    Ginja Ninja Athletics

    36-5 20th Ave, Queens
    Safety guidelines

    Boxing Conditioning

    Such a good Saturday workout. Instead of running we played flip the pizza which was such a good interactive class activity. The burpees werent very fun but that just makes you wanna keep the pizza safe ! We did some fun new moves in class and now I have some victoriously bruised elbows The next day I felt that great leg burn !!
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    Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. at G.N.A., they believe that…
  • Better Body Bootcamp
    Strength Training, Personal Training

    Better Body Bootcamp

    31-18 Steinway Street, Queens


    Such an awesome HIIT workout! It’s mainly body weight with some bands and light weights. Fernando has an amazing energy, corrects your form. Get ready to sweat a lot! Also, it was pretty hot at the studio. #classpassinsider
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    Started in 2011, Better Body has grown into one of the top privately owned training…
  • BQE Fitness
    Cycling, Yoga, …

    BQE Fitness

    26-50 Brooklyn Queens Expressway West, Queens County


    The instructor was attentive, high energy, and fun! The class was also a great challenge. I loved this class!
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    Their completely renovated 45,000+ sq ft facility is inviting, inspiring and includes…
  • Unlimited Body NY
    Strength Training, Boxing, …

    Unlimited Body NY

    27-18 23rd Ave, New York

    Kickboxing (In Studio)

    This class far exceeded my expectations! Such a good workout. Patrick is a great teacher - he breaks everything down so it's easy to remember the combos and he also gives you pointers and corrections throughout the class. I will definitely be back! So happy I gave this place a try.
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    Unlimited Body NY is not your ordinary fitness studio, so coming here with an opened…
  • JDI Barbell
    Strength Training

    JDI Barbell

    43-01 21st Street, Long Island City
    Safety guidelines

    Strong and Fit

    Best coach. I feel PR ready everyone I come in
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    JDI Barbell is a dedicated strength facility located in Manhattan, New York. They…
  • Coach Amara
    Strength Training

    Coach Amara

    3157 34th Street, Queens
    Coach Amara brings 30 years experience to the world of Sport and Health practices…