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  • Access thousands of studios & near you

    Visit any studio or gym in our network and try cycling, yoga, CrossFit & more!

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    When you can’t make it to class, stream workouts in every activity

  • Create your ideal schedule

    Choose lower credit classes to maximize your workouts

  • Stay active when you’re on the go

    Use your membership in 2,500+ cities around the world

  • Add more credits when you need

    Keep your routine strong by adding more credits, or roll over up to 10 credits/mo

  • Connect with friends

    Check out friends’ schedules in the app and plan classes together

Common questions

  • How do I book classes using credits?

  • Can I pause my membership?

  • How do I change or cancel my membership?

  • Does my membership auto-renew?

  • Do credits rollover from cycle to cycle?

  • What happens if I run out of credits?

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