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Real-time metrics

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Target zones

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What people are saying

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  • Jennifer PesceJennifer Pesce

    I like mixing and matching the Express workouts, created a winning combo this AM as my last workout before I go get married 💍💪💓

  • Yvonne DelacruzYvonne Delacruz

    I feel so great from yesterday’s sweat sesh with Alex and my home girls! I found my waist and my stomach smoothed out. That cardio has me all like Cardi B- I like it like that! Okurrrt💥💃🏼 Stay strong, feel good! You’re worth it💕

  • Blanche Mbhk DevereauxBlanche Mbhk Devereaux
    OMG!! I just did my first Class!!! I'm a fan!! 😘
  • Aaron McWillAaron McWill

    Dang, after Monday with Amanda Robinson and Tuesday with Bakari Williams, I’m not sure i can walk any more this week. Thanks for the burn, ha!!!

  • Kate Johnston-LeggKate Johnston-Legg

    Jess, thanks for the shout-out for my 10th Memorial Day Challenge class today ... and the in-studio cheers. Kept me smiling all day!

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