Plenty of articles, studies and industry best practices point to the benefit physical fitness has on an individual’s overall health and productivity — both in and out of the workplace. Beyond these personal perks, incorporating fitness within the corporate team setting can be incredibly valuable for strengthened workplace culture and increased engagement amongst peers.

Simply leaving it to employees and team managers to organize these efforts may only provide inconsistent experiences at best. However, with the help of HR team members, teams throughout the organization can adopt activities that are conducive to their people’s schedules and needs. The following are ideas for helping build workplace community and cohesiveness through fitness-related activities.

Organize recreational team leagues

One way to integrate fitness in a fun way that can reach several employees is to organize a recreation league for select team sports throughout the year. If you create your own corporate league, you can get the involvement of groups throughout different divisions to participate. Create incentives for engagement such as flexible hours, tournaments, financial perks, etc. As a result, employees will benefit from team building with colleagues in a fun atmosphere while also being introduced to other employees throughout the company.

Get involved with community fitness events

Another great team-building fitness experience is getting involved with community-wide events that feature a fitness component. Create greater corporate visibility within the community all while motivating employees to get out and be active with each other and their families. Provide corporate-inspired gear such as branded clothing, water bottles, etc. to raise awareness and increase excitement for participation. Many individuals come away feeling a greater sense of pride about where they work and feel closer to their peers as they accomplish these goals together — especially in the name of a great cause.

Create a space for on-site fitness

Even if you decide not to create an on-site gym, but instead offer memberships to studios in the community, you can still utilize open space to encourage fitness in and out of your office space. In open conference rooms consider office calisthenics or yoga. Create challenges that encourage taking the stairs versus the elevator. Help make any green space an inviting area for fitness activities like frisbee, soccer, bootcamps and more. The key is to call out these spaces for their potential and help make those activities happen with dedicated effort. Before you know it, underutilized spaces will create opportunities for wellness and team building.

Work with community studios to accommodate your organization

Foster partnerships with local gyms and studios to create a personalized fitness experience for your employees. Perhaps there’s an independent gym near your office building that would be open to hosting corporate challenges or flexible class offerings for employees. Offerings like ClassPass Corporate provide access to numerous studios, gyms and wellness venues in your community (as well as the communities of your employees). Using these offsite spaces, create company-wide challenges and incentives that managers can tailor to fit their teams.

Team building is an essential piece of creating a strong and healthy workplace culture. It’s not just “fluff” — it makes a difference. Integrating fitness activities not only addresses the need for a healthy workforce, it creates a healthy culture as well. However, it’s important to make it an on-going priority. As one Forbes article pointed out, “Most team-building falls flat because it’s a one-time activity - done and then forgotten. It’s key to find ways to keep the excitement going. The challenge is creating opportunities for people to connect and interact in meaningful ways, outside of regular meetings or presentations.” Ongoing fitness options that are thoughtful, organized and consistent will be an excellent way to provide these essential opportunities. Contact us to learn how ClassPass Corporate can strengthen your workforce and workplace.

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