Looking to roll out a corporate wellness program? With so many offerings, it can be a daunting task, but an important one to improve employee morale, productivity and overall health. 

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Employee wellbeing is a top concern for leadership teams and HR professionals. Implementing a corporate wellness program can provide a greater ROI than just lowering health care costs. Studies show that regular physical activity increases employee productivity. Implementing a program as an employee benefit means happier, healthier, and more effective employees.

At ClassPass, we offer a comprehensive corporate wellness program that can support all employees at your company. Follow these steps for researching, choosing, and implementing a corporate wellness program at your company. 

Step 1: Set Goals & Expectations

Establish what you and your leadership team are looking to gain from adding a wellness program to your suite of employee benefits. For example, your company may be looking to combat employee burnout.  A major antidote that companies can integrate is a comprehensive wellness program that not only addresses physical health but encompass initiatives that encourage mental and overall cultural health. Once your goals and expectations are set, you’ll be prepared to find a program that suits your current company needs. 

Step 2: Research

Do your due diligence and research the many programs that are currently available. Hone in on programs that align with your current company needs. Once you’ve narrowed your search, start working vetting partners to ensure they can accomplish the goals you agreed upon with your leadership team. Check out our post about why fitness needs to be a part of your company’s benefits and the benefits of creating a corporate wellness program.

Step 3: Choose a program

Pick the program that will best support your company and improve the health of your employees. Here’s what to look for in workplace corporate wellness solution or vendor. 

Step 4: Prepare for Launch

Develop a strategy to support the launch of your corporate program. This strategy will include internal messaging, lunch & learns, webinars, and more. See if you have the typical elements of what makes a corporate wellness program successful

Step 5: Educate your employees on the new program 

Announce your new company-wide initiative in a company email. Focus on outlining the details of the program and the benefits of the program. At ClassPass, your Account Manager will provide you with the tools you need to effectively communicate your new program. 

If your organization is currently using Slack or a similar messaging platform, start by creating a slack channel or messaging group with employees interested in working out. #fitfam. To keep the group active, appoint advocates in the group that ensure the channel is busy and encourage everyone to workout. Looking to really liven up employee fitness? Slackbot workout is a great tool that reminds employees to stay fit. 

From custom emojis to workout polls, Slack has a lot of tools for making the dialogue around fitness engaging. Poll employees on their favorite type of fitness, ask people to like a message if they’re coming to an afternoon spin class, or promote your fitness goals to your coworkers. 

Step 6: Activate and engage your employees

Support employees by solidifying usage and building behavioral patterns around wellness. Encourage employees to form healthy long-term habits by celebrating momentum and habituation in the workplace. 

Gamification is a great way to get your employees more involved and motivate them to take action on their health. The use of some friendly competition will make the experience of staying fit more enjoyable and fun. Set up a leaderboard in group messaging platforms and wherever else employees communicate. Employees can share their rank in their Slack status or email signature. You can select a variety of metrics, such as overall classes attended or number of classes attended with a coworker. You can even run smaller fitness competitions, like who can run the fastest mile. The most important part is to reward the winners, from something as simple as a gift card to something more extravagant like an extra vacation day. If you need more ideas of how to measure, here are three ways to measure and analyze employee engagement

Lunch & Learns are another great way to engage your employees and enforce good habits. Nothing helps people learn like good food and great company! Lunch and Learns are utilized to drive interest, engagement, and develop relationships when introducing a new product. After your employees are excited about different workouts, get them using the app. In small groups or individually, select a class of interest and help them book it. Encourage small groups to work out together!

Lastly, consider hosting a webinar. In the first 60 days of launching a new benefit, the most important aspect of engagement is education. Hosting a webinar with a ClassPass expert is a great way to disburse necessary information quickly and efficiently in a short time. Don’t forget to record the webinar so you can keep it for new hire onboarding or on your internal HR portal!

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