Creating the right wellness program for your company will likely entail the partnership of multiple corporate wellness vendors to achieve the result you want. Choosing the right partnerships is key to the success of your initiatives and the satisfaction of your employees.

While budget and pricing will almost always be a driving priority, there are other considerations you want to keep in mind as you piece together an effective wellness plan. Consider the following as you research out your options.

What do your employees want from workplace wellness programs?

Before you can even begin the investigative process with corporate wellness vendors, you need to better understand the interests and motivators of your workforce. Asking employees what they want will likely result in an overwhelming amount of ideas and information. However, you’ll find commonalities across the feedback and through a vetting process, you’ll find the top needs and priorities of employees. Narrowing down those priorities will help you know where to begin and have greater confidence that once you make a choice, the employees will want to use it.

What are your expectations for wellness platforms?

Again, this will take a bit of thought exercise and research before entering into the vendor communication stage. As a company, and an individual using the wellness program, what are those expectations? What are you hoping to provide and what are you hoping the results are? Understanding the answers to these questions will help you determine what kind of solution you need – whether it’s one comprehensive service, or piecing together of several offerings. Know what you want to achieve before you find the corporate wellness vendors to help you achieve it.

What kind of functionality do you want?

To go along with your research and surveying your employees, you’ll want to get a sense of how technology/functionality-heavy you want to get. How involved will the services be and what will be required from the employee? Do you want simplicity and autonomy, or do you want metrics and trackability? This will tie back with what the specific goals are of your wellness program as well as your expectations.

How will you measure success of the wellness program vendor?

Along with figuring out the kind of functionality you want or will need, leadership must determine what they will consider a successful program and how that will be measured. Once that is determined, as you speak with vendors you can get a sense of how use and success is measured – or if it isn’t through the solution itself, how you intend to do that as an organization on your own.

How customizable and flexible is the wellness solution?

In any of the areas you are looking to address, providers are looking to help you achieve goals for those specific priorities. Some corporate wellness vendors will only provide a “take it as it is” solution, while others may operate on providing variety and selection. Remember who you are serving, your employees. Make sure you are clear on your competing demographics and needs so that the offerings you provide can please the greatest number of people. Most times, working with a vendor that offers customization and choice is the best way to do just that.

Executing an effective corporate wellness plan takes research, planning and preparation. Understand your priorities, what you want to achieve and how you plan to measure that success; doing so will ensure you find the right partners for your initiatives.

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