It’s been said that there are two main reasons people leave their jobs: one, because they’re not happy with their manager, and two, because they don’t have a friend in the workplace. Assuming you’ve got the management on lock, how can you help employees build relationships and connect with one another? Start by incentivizing employees to bond with their coworkers in a strong, authentic way.

Happy co-workers end up staying longer at a company and contribute more to the company culture. Below, we’ve rounded up three creative ways to get your employees out of the day-to-day routine and to foster connections in the workplace.

1. Volunteer Together

Build teamwork and camaraderie by contributing to a social cause together. Whether you take a work day or a Saturday to corral a big team of people together and give back, employees will love the opportunity to work together towards the common good and spend some quality time outside the office and in the community. Consider volunteering to clean up a local park, serve food to the homeless, or offer special services related to whatever your niche expertise may be in, such as hosting a coding day at a nearby school or community college.

2. Explore Social Fitness

Take happy hour out of the bar and into the fitness studio! Going to a fitness class with co-workers is a great way to blow off steam after a long day. Try a cycling, boxing, or yoga class as a point of entry for various levels of fitness. You could even consider partnering with a service like ClassPass, which offers exclusive corporate membership options so employers can subsidize the membership for their employees. With ClassPass, you can visit hundreds of different classes with just one membership and use social features to coordinate going to class together.

3. Host a talent show

Shine the spotlight on your employees’ personalities and hidden talents with a talent show. It’s always fun to break out the microphone and guitar and discover your product manager’s amazing singing voice. Encourage people to get together with other employees to create a group act, like a dance routine or comedy sketch, and have someone on your leadership team serve as MC. You’ll build memories to share for years to come.

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