No two corporate wellness programs are the same – in fact, we interviewed two entirely different companies to see what they think is necessary for a successful wellness program. Their answers were both unique and cohesive when talking about what it takes to have a successful program. When you consider each company’s culture is different and those employees have varying needs, program offerings are bound to vary. However, many programs share similar aspects that help those programs succeed. We’ve interviewed a few human resource experts to see what has contributed to their wellness program successes. Based on their experience, the following are key elements of a successful wellness program.


The goal for any wellness program is engagement from its employees. However, some programs can be limited in when, where and how benefits can be accessed, automatically eliminating a portion of your workforce. According to Harry Hunter of Entropico, a firm that specializes in film, photography, design and animation for some of the most recognizable brands, “We’ve always believed that the health and happiness of our employees is extremely important for our business. However, in the past we were never able to find a way to have a wellness program that was both flexible and fair,” says Hunter. “We ultimately found that with ClassPass.” With employees involved in various projects in different locations and time requirements, Entropico needed to offer a program that could flex with the dynamic nature of their people and business. Without that flexibility, no one will make the priority to engage with your program.

Be aware of best practices

For LA-based commercial property company, Worthe Real Estate Group, their focus has been to provide benefits that will be a benefit to employees before they even ask. “Our goal is to incorporate best-practice wellness offerings instead of waiting to react to employee requests,” says Jessica Chu, Human Resources Manager for the Worthe Real Estate Group. “Our HR department stays abreast of the latest trends and keeps a pulse on what is working and not working in our industry.” The result has led to positive reception of their offerings and 76 percent of active participants in their corporate office.

An ability to track engagement

One key aspect of success is ensuring there’s an ability to track and monitor the progress of your program. Without metrics in place to understand enrollment, use and frequency, there’s no baseline for how effective your program is. “One consolidated system for all of our wellness goals allows us to track the uptake and utilization while keeping an eye on costs,” says Hunter. Chu also acknowledged the need for tracking engagement, “We track our employees’ usage of programs like ClassPass and have a minimum requirement in place in order to maintain those subsidized memberships.” That requirement not only helps motivate physical fitness, but overall participation.

Freedom to choose

Along with flexibility is the need to offer a variety of choices that allows individuals to participate in the way they desire. Worthe Real Estate Group offers gym memberships for those who like the traditional gym experience as well as ClassPass memberships for those who like classes and variety. “ClassPass has been particularly great because of the variety of classes offered and quality partnerships with local businesses,'' says Chu. For Entropico, “We wanted a program that had something for everyone,” says Hunter. “ClassPass has provided employees the ability to choose from several different locations and disciplines. Providing classes that people are interested in naturally drives participation.”

Motivates people to make wellness a priority

The best wellness programs provide resources that inspire and motivate individuals to take their health seriously. For Worthe Real Estate Group, providing a variety of options has helped with this, but they are looking to take it a step further. “We are on the cusp of offering free annual biometric screenings to our employees so they can get an accurate view of their health now and into the future,” says Chu. For Entropico, allowing people to engage in what they are passionate about has made all the difference in physical well-being. “Not only are our people demonstrably more active but they are more connected through attending classes together,” says Hunter. “Hearing organic conversations between team members about wellness has been the real maker of success within our organization.”

Companies are incorporating ClassPass into their wellness programs with great success — contact the team today to learn more.

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