Outdoor Bootcamp at Swift Fitness

Not at the partner’s usual location.
This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Swift Fitness and were last updated on 3/18/21.

Social distancing measures

Floor markers & cones are in place to ensure correct spacing is adhered to.

Limited capacity

Max class size will be 20 per session. Reviewed daily.

Contactless check-in

Classes in the great outdoors, just show your booking to your trainer on your phone.

Equipment policies

We're running Swift adapted sessions which mostly involved body weight and no equipment.

Sat, Oct 16
There are no classes Today, Oct 16.
Tuesday, October 19
60 min

Thursday, October 21
60 min

Tuesday, October 26
60 min

Thursday, October 28
60 min

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