Sweat by BXR - Canary Wharf

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Sweat by BXR and were last updated on 11/24/20.

Temperature checks

Touch free temperature checks for all guests upon arrival. Please do not arrive more than 20 minutes before your scheduled class. Where possible plese arrive in your gym kit ready to train.

Mask-wearing policies

Please wear a face covering throughout the studio unless in class, eating or drinking.

Equipment policies

We have disinfectant wipes for guests to use along with hand sanitisers placed throuhgout the studios. Boxing gels or wraps are compulsory and can be purchased at check in. We encourage guests to bring their own gloves. Our studio gloves are sterilised after every class with a anti-viral spray.

Sun, Dec 6
There are no upcoming classes on this day


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