Barre Cardio at Studio 191 West

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Studio 191 West and were last updated on 10/12/23.

Ventilation system

We have state of the art Ventilation systems ensuring clean and fresh & clean air is circulated through the Studio consistently throughout the day.

Extra sanitation

Hand Sanitising Stations throughout the Studios.Dedicated Props & Mat station per mat with disinfectant spray (80% alcohol-based) placed next to each mat. Allocated time at the beginning + end of class for sanitisation all surfaces, mats & props. Enhanced air flow & ventilation systems.

Contactless check-in

Please arrive 15-5 mins before the class starts, entry to the class will not be permitted once it has started.

Equipment policies

We offer Manduka Pro Mats complimentary as part of the class - along with 80% alcohol disinfectant spray next to each mat. Students wishing to bring their own mats are welcome to do so.

Wed, Dec 6
There are no upcoming “Barre Cardio” reservations on this day.

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