RISE & SHINE (IN-PERSON) at Stretch Studio

This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Stretch Studio and were last updated on 1/18/21.

Social distancing measures

Floor markers are in place to mark safe distances between mats.

Ventilation system

Constant ventilation throughout class. Regularly maintained and filters changed. Dynamically controlled based on CO2 sensors.

Mask-wearing policies

Masks are mandatory at all times other than when at your mat.

Contactless check-in

Same friendly verbal check-in. Doors locked during classes, so don't be late. Our phone number is voicemail only. Please email if you have any questions at info@stretchvancouver.com

Sun, Apr 18
There are no classes Today, Apr 18.
Wednesday, April 21
60 min

Risto Duggan
Friday, April 23
60 min

Risto Duggan
Wednesday, April 28
60 min

Risto Duggan
Friday, April 30
60 min

Risto Duggan


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