FloatFit Yoga at Skyline Aqua

Not at the partner’s usual location.
This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Skyline Aqua and were last updated on 8/11/21.

Vaccination policies

All participants will have to be fully vaccinated to attend class.Vaccination status will be checked and recorded on form via a separate QR code. Participants who do not have their vaccination status verified will be denied participation.

Mask-wearing policies

Participants are not required to wear masks while exercising. But please do put your masks back on when you are out of the pool.

Social distancing measures

Groups of up to 5 pax each with 3m distancing between the groups.

Limited capacity

Maximum 8 participants per class.

Tue, Dec 7
There are no reservations available Today, Dec 7.
Tomorrow, Dec 8
30 min

Stephanie Chan
Friday, December 10
30 min

Anna Chan
Saturday, December 11
30 min

Stephanie Chan
Wednesday, December 15
30 min

Stephanie Chan
Friday, December 17
30 min

Stephanie Chan
Saturday, December 18
30 min

Stephanie Chan

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