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236 Lord St, Perth, 6000

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You will remain engaged mentally and physically while reaping the benefits all pieces of apparatus (Reformer/Tower/ExoChair) in one class. Please note THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER CLASS. This class will vary every time, addressing the body as a whole. Be prepared to spend half of the class on each piece of apparatus lengthening, strengthening, and isolating every part of your body. You will feel completely lighter and taller by the end of this class. Great on any day that you need that full Pilates balance. This class tones every major muscle group as well as the abs and core musculature while paying special attention to proper execution, biomechanics, alignment and symmetry so that you leave the class feeling rejuvenated, balanced and energized! Reformer classes are a prerequisite for admittance.

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Rig Pilates is a Perth Pilates studio, offering a range of reformer, matwork, trx & cardio and private pilates classes.

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Reformer Sculpt with Sayshie
excellent cues. class using the tower apparatus.
Reformer Sculpt with Katey
Used the chair for the entire class amazing work out
Reformer Sculpt with Sayshie
interesting class using the tower attached to the reformer. i liked how it wasnt your standard reformer exercises. not quite as challenging as the name suggests tho
Reformer Sculpt with Eden
This is my favourite class as you get to use the chair and tower rather than just the reformer. I wish I lived closer as I would sign up to a membership at this studio.
Reformer Sculpt with Sayshie
Great challenge!
Reformer Sculpt with Sayshie
The instructor launched straight into all the exercises without explaining. Considering it was the first time I did this class I found it hard to follow and not rewarding.
Reformer Sculpt with Eden
Awesome full body class Eden was great at explaining demonstrating and hands on with corrections.
Reformer Sculpt with Yvonne
Yvonne is the best instructor. Engaging and entertaining, but also professional.
Reformer Sculpt with Eden
Eden was lovely, and an excellent teacher. Class was well taught. She was attentive and demonstrated the techniques right, as well as correcting your postures. Great energising class!
Reformer Sculpt with Sayshie
Such a great challenging workout So many interesting variations and advancements offered
Reformer Sculpt with Eden
Great instructor!
Reformer Sculpt with Sayshie
Such a fun work out! So different from anything I've done anywhere else!! :)