Slow Flow at Radiant Sol Yoga

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Radiant Sol Yoga and were last updated on 4/4/22.

Vaccination policies

As per Vic Gov regulations, Radiant is welcoming only fully vaccinated students at this time,Please send your vaccine certificate PDF or VALID exemption through to PRIOR to arrival at the studio. Thank you for following our protocols.

Mask-wearing policies

As per Vic Gov regulations, masks are required to be worn indoors. Your mask may be taken off once you are on your mat, however it must be worn around the studio. Thank you for following protocols.

Social distancing measures

Please always keep 1.5m between you and others when you can. Mats are spaced far apart, so you will never feel like you're practicing on top on another person.

Ventilation system

Radiant has a ventilation throughout the studio and we'll always open the window and let the air in when needed too, especially after classes to clear the space, read for the next class.We also have 25/30 mins between classes to ensure the room isn't sweaty from the previous class.

Mon, Dec 5
There are no upcoming “Slow Flow” reservations on this day.

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