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Reviews for Radiant Hot 60 at Radiant Hot Yoga

8501 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine, CA, 92618

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Radiant Hot Power is a challenging class which links breath to movement in a room heated to 105 degrees. It will result in greater strength, detoxification of the mind and body, and increased flexibility. It includes vinyasa flows, long holds, balancing, core work, inversions and arm balances, and spinal twisting. Inspiring music is incorporated to enhance your experience.

About this studio

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Radiant Hot Yoga

Radiant Hot Yoga is the combination of traditional hot yoga with vinyasa power flow. Hot yoga is a set of static postures, while vinyasa is movement connected to breath.

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Radiant Hot 60 with Izzy
Best yoga studio ever. Clean and friendly !
Radiant Hot 60 with Hector
It was way too hot! And there was a lot of up and down with out a consistent flow.
Radiant Hot 60 with JoJo
love that I can bring my little ones for kids yoga! what a great option!
Radiant Hot 60 with Erica
Hot yoga is definitely something you either love or hate.
Radiant Hot 60 with JoJo
Too packed in one room
Radiant Hot 60 with Clare
Great workout!
Radiant Hot 60 with Rucky
Hotter than the other days
Radiant Hot 60 with Darlene
Look up sweat yoga in Santa Monica and do that
Radiant Hot 60 with Typhanie
Instructor was amazing!! Class was exceptional. Afternoon class was packed but was well worth it, such a great environment!
Radiant Hot 60 with Delaney
This is a different type of yoga class set to loud upbeat music. The teacher yells and talks so fast it reminded me of an auctioneer. There was never a moment of quiet. It was impossible to get centered and find my mind body connection. Lots of people clearly loved this class but it wasn’t for me.
Radiant Hot 60 with Rucky
Very good class! A little too hot for my liking but the instructor was very motivating and everyone was extremely nice!
Radiant Hot 60 with Izzy
Dank class
Radiant Hot 60 with Izzy
Hottest hot yoga of all the studios I’ve tried
Radiant Hot 60 with Trenton
Overcrowded and instructor only helped 2-3 people repeatedly that he knew!
Radiant Hot 60 with Trenton
Fantastic class and loved Trenton! I wish I lived closer and I’d come every week!
Radiant Hot 60 with Darlene
This class was the worst class I have ever taken. Instructor was taking too much during class. There did not regulate the amount of people to fit in that room. The hygiene there in inappropriate. You should not be sweating on someone else’s yoga mat. Too many people to get an effective workout.
Radiant Hot 60 with Darlene
Class was too packed for comfort. There should be a limit on how many people can sign up per class, since we were overlapping mats and stepping in other peoples sweat. Instructor talked too much during savasana. Overheard the front desk staff was talking bad about a student in the class. Wasn’t impressed with tonight’s class.
Radiant Hot 60 with Rucky
I really enjoyed his energy!
Radiant Hot 60 with Jeremy
Amazing class, amazing instructor !!! Such a good workout wow!
Radiant Hot 60 with Joan
Awesome class!
Radiant Hot 60 with Savanna
Upbeat and fun. Definitely made me work! At times tough to hear the instructor, but watching others worked well. Beautiful facilities, too.
Radiant Hot 60 with Trenton
Loved the class so much and the ambiance was amazing.
Radiant Hot 60 with Darlene
Radiant Hot 60 with Ashley
The class was intense, but Ashley was great at motivating us!
Radiant Hot 60 with Erica
Instructor Erica is super sweet but the music was too loud and at times you either couldn’t hear her or it sounded like she was aggressively shouting over it so it wasn’t quite zen. Still got a good workout overall I guess!