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Reviews for Power 2 at Power Life Yoga Barre Fitness

4800 Main St, Kansas City, MO, 64112
Plaza Area

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This is a challenging power yoga class that will have you moving, breathing and sweating! Power Life’s Power Two class focuses on building and engaging your entire body through a demanding fast paced yoga practice. Oh, and they'll work in some core strengthening work. Set to energizing music in a heated environment, Power Life’s Power Two class strengthens, sculpts, balances, detoxifies and energizes the body and mind.

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Power Life is about making your healthy lifestyle what you want it to be. We are a place to meet friends, a place to meet goals and a place to meet yourself. Power Life is a community…read more

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Power 2 with Ricky
Love Ricky’s classes!
Power 2 with Stefan
99 Degrees !!
Power 2 with Ricky
Helpful instructor
Power 2 with Stefan
I love Stefan’s classes! One suggestion for the studio as a whole- the sculpt classes play extremely loud music that interrupt the most zen of savasanas. Is there a way to muffle the sound more from the other studio? It is a repeated issue at all Power Life studios & while I appreciate the variety of classes, it’s a real distraction (and not just when you’re close to the door).
Power 2 with Ricky
Challenging class but Ricky was very clear he wanted to meet you where you were in your practice and help anyway you needed/wanted.
Power 2 with Stefan
Stefan is the best and you’ll sweat all the stress away!
Power 2 with Kirk
Great, intense yoga that will have your muscles shaking.
Power 2 with Stefan
The description of the class makes it seem like a cardio/strength class but it is just a hot yoga class
Response from the studio:
Thank you for your feedback and it was great talking to you yesterday about our classes! Looking forward to seeing you next time you're in town!
Power 2 with Stefan
The best class I have taken at this studio! Stefan balanced challenging poses with deep stretching and the flow was unique but also well-designed to build off each pose. I really enjoyed everything from the playlist to the message of the class.
Power 2 with Janis
Loved Janis' class! It was challenging and yet relaxing. Great music, too.
Power 2 with Jenny
Jenny is the best instructor! So motivating!
Power 2 with Jenny
I love Jenny. Shes an amazing instructor and exudes warmth and love every class. Even when she plays a whole playlist of country songs (I hate country) I cant help but love her
Power 2 with Jenny
Hard to hear the in the back of the room in front of the speakers, but the class was great!
Power 2 with Rachel
Love this studio and their instructors. Both inspirational and a hard workout!
Power 2 with Mike
Intense flow! Great class, Mike is a joy
Power 2 with Mike
Mike is such a fun teacher!! Class was tough and such a great workout and A good sweat. I will definitely take another class of Mikes!!
Power 2 with Kayla
I really liked the hot yoga class, and Kayla's super nice! Would totally go back again:)
Power 2 with Michelle
This was hard and awesome! Great energy and amazing workout.
Power 2 with Jenny
Best yoga teacher ever!!
Power 2 with Bien
Incredible instructor!
Power 2 with Christen
Super fun!
Power 2 with Jenny
Jenny has the best energy - such a motivating class!!
Power 2 with Jenny
Jenny is amazing! Loved this class.
Power 2 with Jenny
Wonderful morning class, but they overbooked the room.
Power 2 with Meredith
Great instructors! Good for any level.