Inverted Fly Core at Oscillation Yoga

This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Oscillation Yoga and were last updated on 3/4/21.

Temperature checks

Temperature checks are mandatory at our studios. Staff and team members must have a temperature below 37 degrees Celsius for access to the studio.

Social distancing measures

We have clear demarcations in all areas to ensure safe distancing. In accordance with 1 meter guidelines.

Ventilation system

Our studio is spacious and air ventilation with windows in our surrounding space plus a touch of nature in your practice. Air sanitisers and air purifiers that sanitizes 247 everyday.

Mask-wearing policies

It would be a good practice to wear a mask upon entry and at all common areas, with the exception of the yoga practice rooms. We encourage awareness around hygienic storage and disposal of masks. Hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial soap will be available in the studio for use.

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Saturday, April 24
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