Guided Meditation- Complimentary Class at MBody Yoga

This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by MBody Yoga and were last updated on 6/26/20.

Extra sanitation

Both studios receive a deep cleaning once a week and we burn sage after every class to reduce the incidence of airborne pathogens.

Contactless check-in

Students are able to check-in through MindBody's online portal or by requesting that their teacher or studio representative check them in personally.

Temperature checks

We keep a thermometer on hand and take temperatures of any student who seems unwell.

Equipment policies

Our policy is that each student borrowing a block, mat, or strap leave them behind in their mat space so they can be properly sanitized after each use. In addition, we have discontinued the use of blankets and bolsters and ask that if needed, students bring their own.

Thu, Jun 17
There are no upcoming “Guided Meditation- Complimentary Class” classes on this day.


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