IN STUDIO | 45 min HOT Yoga at Inferno Hot Pilates Vancouver

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Inferno Hot Pilates Vancouver and were last updated on 10/28/21.

Vaccination policies

Full vaccination (2 doses) required Oct 24th.2021

Ventilation system

State of the art HVAC system in place to bring in fresh air

Extra sanitation

All high touch surfaces will be cleaned before and after each class.

Contactless check-in

Lobby will be locked down during class.

Sat, Dec 4
There are no reservations available Today, Dec 4.
Tuesday, December 7
45 min

John P
Wednesday, December 8
45 min

Stefanie T
Thursday, December 9
45 min

John P
Friday, December 10
45 min

Danny D
Tuesday, December 14
45 min

Wednesday, December 15
45 min

Thursday, December 16
45 min

Friday, December 17
45 min

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