Bags & Kettlebells at Bloodline Gym

This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Bloodline Gym and were last updated on 10/28/20.

Temperature checks

Before coming to the gym pleasemake sure you or anyone you live withare not displaying any of the mainsymptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).We recommend you use the NHSCoronavirus if you have any of thesesymptoms pleaseDO NOT COMETO THE GYM

Social distancing measures

We are following governmentguidelines on social distancing.Social distancing will be theexpectation at all times, aside fromwhen technical training is required tomeet sport-specific demands.

Contactless check-in

Make sure you arriveon time for your classand leave promptly.We love having youaround but we want toavoid crowdsgathering around thereception area

Limited capacity

Maximum Class size will be 18 people.

Sat, Apr 10
There are no classes Today, Apr 10.
Tuesday, April 13
60 min

Trainer Instructor
Saturday, April 17
60 min

Trainer Instructor
Tuesday, April 20
60 min

Trainer Instructor


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