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Reviews for BOUNCE at Balanced Barre

305 Minnetonka Ave S, Wayzata, MN, 55391

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A total body workout that fuses rebounding (jumping on a trampoline), cardio, strength training and pilates, followed by deep stretching. This 60-minute class is spent on a Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline for a high-cardio, low-impact total body workout that protects your joints and increases lymphatic flow.

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Balanced Barre features the BarreAmped method and BOUNCE classes, which take place on a mini trampoline. They offer a unique fitness experience unlike any other and offer multiple…read more

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BOUNCE with Tina
Really fun but tough workout
BOUNCE with Tina
Trampolines make the cardio extra fun.
BOUNCE with Tina
The music is perfect in this class, and a great distraction. You get s wide variety of genres. It keeps me up to speed on what’s cool ;)
BOUNCE with Tina
Fun and unique class! I loved the low impact cardio, and standing on the trampolines made each move 10X harder. Good music selection as well. If you’re new, I recommend finding a place really close to the instructor. She was all the way to one side of the room and didn’t use a mic.
BOUNCE with Tina
Great class & fun!
BOUNCE with Tina
Recommendation: when the class is packed in 3 rows of trampolines, try to stagger a little. I couldnt see myself in the mirror which made it tricky.
BOUNCE with Tina
This class is totally worth taking 3 times a month. Its so unique. I wish they offered the Sunday worship bounce class too!
BOUNCE with Tina
Bounce was completely on the trampoline (no barre) which was different than the bounce/barre class. I really enjoyed this as a change of pace from barre and a unique cardio workout. This class felt less personal but it was more busy (6 students out of 8 spots). I typically love a dimmed room for a workout but this studio is a little dreary. They have fluorescent style lights (turned off), but they could install a dimmer and/or screens/paper/cloth that are meant to lessen the intensity of those lights. It could really change the ambiance. The space could be really beautiful with a few minor touches like changed the Tiger photo to something relevant. In workout classes, there are few things to stare at, so its important that they are all aesthetically pleasing. Overall totally go to this class. Its fun to bounce for an hour!
BOUNCE with Paige
Loved everything about this class. Paige was super friendly, music perfectly matched the moves, and it was SO MUCH FUN (but still a great workout). I highly recommend it.
BOUNCE with Tina
Awesome class!! Great workout and super fun!
BOUNCE with Jana
The trampoline adds another element to basic barre moves and is just plain fun!