Ground Turkey vs Ground Beef: Which is Better for You?

Besides olive oil, quinoa and kale, include some kind of ground meat to your shopping list. Add some dried herbs, onions and diced tomatoes for a quick dish, or whip up a few patties for the grill. Which one is better for you: ground beef or ground turkey?

Ground turkey calories

There are 193 calories in ground turkey. The calories are 97 from fat and 22 grams from protein. Ground turkey can be a leaner meat and typically states the breakdown of fat to meat percentage on the package. Like a richer meat? Opt for an 80 / 20 ground turkey.

Since ground turkey is a leaner meat, spices are in order to add more taste. The right recipe will add variety to your menus with less saturated fats.

Ground beef calories

There are 231 calories in three ounces of lean ground beef. The majority of these calories stem from fat, as ground beef is typically a fattier meat.

You can cut calories with 90% lean ground beef. The higher fat content means it can be easier to prepare. You can even make healthy recipes with ground beef that wonโ€™t pack on the pounds. Plus, when you think about a classic burger, beef rules!

Ground turkey vs ground beef

For this battle, both ground beef and turkey deliver equally in terms of protein. It all comes down to the fat content. Ground turkey can have almost as high a fat content as lean ground beef if it is made from the thigh of the turkey, so opt for ground turkey breast if fat is a concern. If taste is what your taste buds are seeking, beef is the word! Donโ€™t eat red meat? Turkey burgers are tasty with dijon mustard.

Robin M. Gillespie is a NASM-certified fitness professional, social media expert and IDEA Inspired Blogger from Philadelphia who loves cashews.