The Best Lip Balm For Whatever You Need

You know you should always make sure you use a daily moisturizer on your face and body – but don’t forget about your mouth! Throughout the year, our lips need added help to stay soft, healthy and protected.

But not all balms are created equal, and you may want something different out of one than your fitness bestie. Don’t worry. Here, the six best lip balms that’ll solve whatever you need:

Best for chapped lips
For a classic issue, it’s best to stick with a classic formula. Carmex contains cocoa butter and a hint of mineral oil and lanolin, which promise to lock in moisture the same way your lips do naturally.
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Best moisturizing
If you’re looking for an extra boost of moisture, this Neutrogena stick offers an enriched formula to smooth dry lips without leaving you with a waxy pout.
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Best for running
Runners everywhere seem to agree: Nothing beats the Blistex medicated lip balm. This formula boasts three different lip protectants to keep your lips as soft as ever.
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Best tinted
Few lip balm brands are as trusted as Burt’s Bees, and its tinted balm line does double duty to lock in moisture and color your pout with one of nine shades.
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Best for sensitive skin
Looking for something effective that doesn’t contain harm chemicals? The Honest Company offers tinted lip balms that boast healing and smoothing properties. Bonus: They’re completely safe for kids.
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Allison Berry is a New York City-based writer and editor. She’s fallen in love with barre class, but she primarily uses it to support her pizza addiction.