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Fit 5: You’re Marathon Training

You’ve submitted the race registration and planned your perfect race day outfit, but now what? If you’re dreading the thought of hours of solo runs each week, think again! Truth? Marathon training isn’t all about running. While it does make up a significant portion, much of your success and PRs lay in cross-training. For an added punch to your training regimen, trade one or two days a week for the following types of classes — and be prepared to smash through your goal finish time: Class Type: Strength Training Why: Using weights to help build lean muscle mass is important while training because it’s needed for endurance sports. The stronger and more resilient your muscles are to fatigue as well as the terrain, the fewer injuries you’ll get as a result.

Which Wins Wednesday: Running in the Park vs. Running On the Beach

You love your running classes and those bootcamps that give you the challenge you need. But when the weather is this gorgeous – you’re probably thinking about going for a run in a local park or on your beach vacation. Which one is better for you?   Running in the Perk Running has many benefits – it gets your heart rate up, increases bone density, increases mental acuity, releases those endorphins and can help you with weight loss goals. When you take your running workout outside, your stride is different and you stress your muscles differently. The dose of vitamin D from the sunlight is great for your health as well. Part of the perk of being in the park is the chance to try different terrains – pavement, gravel pathways, grass and sometimes, turf. The variety keeps your running interesting and challenges your legs to keep up.