Exciting Team News Today at ClassPass!

Dear ClassPass Community,

Today, I’m honored to announce my new role as Executive Chairman of ClassPass, and the appointment of my partner and dear friend, Fritz Lanman, as CEO.

This decision was fueled by my relentless desire to focus on our product, brand and innovation — to spend more time focusing on all of you and the future of ClassPass.

I was once told that as a leader, “Your freedom to create lies in people.” I have learned that partnering with others is the best way for me to do just that while also ensuring the business continues to scale and grow.

And by “others,” I mean exceptional people – people who are driven by purpose, believe in our vision, and will be the voice of our customers and partners day in and day out.

Fritz is one of those exceptional people.

Fritz has been a part of the ClassPass story since its very beginning. He’s been one of our lead investors and a partner that has not only helped lay the foundation of ClassPass, but also brought my vision to life. His passion and dedication through his many stages of involvement, most recently as Executive Chairman and my co-operator, have been undeniable.

There’s simply no one I trust more, and no one whose skillset better complements mine than Fritz.  As a result, I have unwavering confidence in his ability to help make ClassPass everything I’ve always envisioned.

Moving forward, I’ll continue to be the driving force behind our brand, spending more time developing new and exciting ways to make our ClassPass community more active and fulfilled.

I feel very fortunate. I think most founders dream of finding someone to help them operate while also staying true to their vision, and even more importantly, helping them be the best versions of themselves in their own company.

I also want to take a minute and say thank you. To all of you. Your support as ClassPass has grown, and as we’ve built this company, has made all the difference. We are at an amazing point in ClassPass’s history and yet it really does feel like just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what we all build together.

Payal Kadakia
Founder & Executive Chairman

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