Five Cryotherapy Benefits

If you enjoy keeping up with wellness trends, odds are you have heard of (or even tried) cryotherapy. Whether you are a cryotherapy regular or a newcomer, we are excited to shed some light on this very *cool* technique.  According to Healthline, cryotherapy simply means “cold therapy” and is a technique where the body is […]

The Truth About Swimming

As temperatures rise, it seems the only safe haven from the heat is a body of water. Whether it’s a beach, a local pool or even a swim class, you may want to try swimming for a great workout that can help you beat the heat. However, some may hesitate to head to a swim […]

Dermatologist Approved Face Products

Expert advice on keeping your skin fresh and clean. There’s a lot of information out there about skincare. You know what products to use and what to avoid. You’ve seen your favorite YouTuber’s 10-step skincare regimen. With all the skincare tips and tricks available, you’d think that something as simple as washing your face after your […]

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