If You’re Feeling Moody, Eat Food That’s This Color

We always seem to be searching for tangible or emotional things to make us happy, thinking they are the key that unlocks that door. This recent study is proving that wrong and says that it all comes down to color when yearning to release that happiness hormone…

…yellow to be exact.

The study was conducted by The Happy Egg Company and they concluded that the color yellow releases very significant amounts of the happiness hormone. Apparently this happens because yellow stimulates the left side of the brain (the logic side), leading to use perceiving it as warm and fun.

Research was done through surveying 1,000 people about their association between color and happiness – 70 percent revealing a correlation between cheerfulness and yellow.

“There is lots of research to show how color can affect our emotions, but we were surprised to discover that so many yellow food groups evoked such strong positive feelings as well as stimulating taste buds,” Neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis said.

What were some of the foods that scored the highest? Macaroni and cheese, omelets, bananas and pancakes. So go ahead, indulge in some of your favorite comfort words. We’re not judging.

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