This Awesome Organization Uses Yoga To Help Veterans With PTSD

The wonderful men and women who sacrifice everything to protect our country are constantly immersed in traumatic situations during their military service that often takes a toll on them, resulting in PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Being married to a soldier myself, one of my biggest fears is that my husband will leave to serve and return having a completely different view of the world and our everyday life – and not know how to deal with that.

With PTSD becoming more prevalent, the Veterans Yoga Project was created to not only raise awareness, but help veterans cope.

“These events allow civilians and veterans and yoga communities everywhere to dedicate one practice to tangibly express gratitude to the men and women and families who serve and protect in the Armed Forces,” Dan Libby, PhD, of Alameda, California, founder of the Veterans Yoga Project says.

They started in 2014 with only 14 classes and quickly grew to 400 classes in 39 states in 2015 and the sky’s the limit for 2016. They aim to have classes in all 50 states by the end of the year.

With the month of November not only holding Veteran’s Day, but also being Veterans Month, it’s important to share how important these programs are to help aide in trauma treatment. The classes are offered complimentary to veterans and a great way to help with recovery.

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