Your Beauty Products Can Now Be Certified Better Than Organic

Just admit it: you have been consumed with swapping your beauty bag to everything USDA Organic, right? While that’s fine and dandy, there’s a new certification that beauty lovers everywhere should put on their radar. It’s called the Demeter Association certification and yes – you need to learn what it is.

Here’s why: this certification will let you know if the product that you are putting on your skin is biodynamically farmed. This means that the plant in your product’s potency is directly correlated to the potency of the product. Essentially, how harsh the product will be on your skin.

Until recently, the Demeter Association seal was more widely used on products made from plants farmed in Europe and is only just now gaining steam in the U.S.

What does this mean for the beauty industry?

Pioneers who are getting involved right at the very beginning and using biodynamic farming are saying this practice takes organic to new heights. It impacts not only the quality of the beauty product but makes an impact on the environment, too.

How does it work exactly?

Biodynamic farmers do their planting and harvesting in accordance to the sun, moon, and planetary cycles. This is meant to help keep insects to a minimum (meaning no pesticides needed) and allows the plants to be picked during their most potent stages (hello amazing moisturizers).

Get ready for your beauty products to change in a pretty epic way.

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