The 5 Most Instagrammable Studios in Los Angeles

When your Insta-game needs a little update, it’s time to bring your camera to class with you. Sunny Los Angeles is filled with so many beautiful, unique studios with lights pouring in from all the right angles to capture just the pic you’re seeking that will send all the hearts your way.

1. Speedplay

This high-intensity focused studio with provide you with a fab atmosphere to workout in and all the inspo you need to share with your followers what your workouts are made of.

2. Light on Lotus

Talk about the coolest wall ever! This studio is filled to the brim with creativity, playfulness, with a passionate community – and definitely some great people to snap your pic while you strike a pose in front of their awesome studio wall of inspiration.

3. Art Flying Aerial

Does it get much cooler than this? We think not! This studio specializes in Aerial Circus and it will work your body in ways you’ve seriously never imagined. And of course, grab a quick Insta video while you’re at it to show all your bestie’s that this is how you stay fit.

4. Natural Pilates

For a crisp, clean background where you can show off the latest Pilates move that you’ve mastered, this studio has the backdrop that will make your feed flow.

5. LIT Method

With a focus on low impact training, you’re sure you burn fat and tone at this studio. With workouts done both indoor in their beautiful studio space or outdoors, you’re sure to gram the best shot.

Allison Cooper is a full time blogger at Project Motherhood and freelance writer. You can find her balancing her time equally between writing, spending time with her family, running, or sipping on strong coffee! Connect with her on twitter for daily chit chat and mama musings!