8 Gym Bags That Don’t Look Like Gym Bags

If you’ve been taking classes for longer than a hot second, you have likely run into this  almost-daily dilemma: You need a bag to transport your workout gear, but you also want to be able to wear it around post-workout. How do you find a gym bag that, well, doesn’t look like a gym bag?

Enter these seven sleek gym bags. Here are a few picks for bags that will take you to and from your gym class in style:

Great For Happy Hour Bag
So, you had to pack in a Pilates class before work, and now you’re meeting your besties for drinks. You want a functional bag that’s cute, not too bulky and doesn’t look like it’s actually holding your super-sweaty leggings. Enter: this perfect bag, available in tan, black or blue.
Buy Now: Birdie Bag from Jemma, $198, Amazon

Tough Chick Camo Bag
No one will think this all-around badass sports bag is housing your sweaty workout clothes. It’s lightweight enough to carry around all day, but still fits all of your necessary gear.
Buy Now: Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack, $100, Amazon

Versatile Tote
Roomy enough to fit your water bottle and your workout kicks, but with a mainstream look that passes as a pocket book, this beauty is also vegan-friendly.
Buy Now: Free People All Day Tote, $68, Free People

Totes Dorbs
Yes, that’s really the name of the bag, and it totally speaks for itself. This adorable tote bag is office chic and carries everything you need without weighing you down.
Buy Now: Packable Tote, $48, Athleta

Convertible Tote
Wear this bag as either a backpack or over your shoulder like a purse. The comfy straps won’t hurt your shoulders, plus it has a ton of compartments.
Buy Now: MPG Black Diamond Tote Bag, $45, MPG

Gotta Have It Tote
Sporty and sleek, this tote even has a ring for your hair ties and a laundry bag for your gym clothes.
Buy Now: Under Armour Mega Tote, $75, Under Armour

On My Level Duffel
Put everything you might need into this trendy duffel, then fool people into thinking you’re headed for a weekend away. It even has a bottom strap to secure your yoga or Pilates mat.
Buy Now: On My Level Duffel, $148, Lululemon.com

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