Meet the ClassPass Crew: Payal Kadakia, CEO

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Ever wonder how ClassPass was started? Our CEO and dancetrepreneur, Payal Kadakia was looking for a dance class  to drop into while working as a consultant. Being busy, she didn’t have the time to sift through all the schedules, locations and quality of classes. She realized that while it seemed like an easy task, finding and scheduling a simple ballet class was turning into a full time job. 

Payal Kadakia

So, where does the queen of boutique fitness sweat? What are her guilty pleasures? We have all the details below!   

3 Most Recent Workouts – PatriciaFit, Throwback Fitness and performing on stage (yeah, that’s quite a workout!).

Craziest class you ever took – Ballet for Beginners at Steps (let’s just say It wasn’t for beginners!)

Favorite post workout snack/ meal – I’m a big fan of the Gnu Foods: Fiber bars – my favorite is Cinnamon Raisin 

Guilty Pleasure (food or otherwise) – Chocolate (and Pizza, especially when in NYC!)

What’s in your gym bag (or must have fitness products / beauty products)  – Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner, A Comb, Vaseline, Makeup/Foot wipes.

Want to go to class with Payal? Sign up for ClassPass and get sweatin’!


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