7 Easy Ways to Make Your Workout Eco-Friendly

To celebrate Earth Day this year, try these tips to make your workout today (and all classes you sign-up for in the future) a little more eco-friendly. You’ll be looking good and feeling great as you head to class, knowing that you’ve done your part to help Mother Earth!

Be Sustainable in Style

There are several brands that are environmentally-conscious and use sustainable manufacturing processes. You can head to class,  covered from head to toe, in an eco-friendly outfit in these stylish pieces:

Sports Bra
Put on the Girlfriend Collective Topanga Bra and not only will you be supported, but you’ll be supporting the environment! The sweat-wicking bra is made from 79% recycled water bottles and 21% spandex. 

Pick up the Patagonia W’s Fleur Tank and you’ll know that you’ve spent your money wisely on this comfortable and sleek exercise top. This company has built sustainability into its business model. As they state on their website “We give 1% of our sales to support environmental organizations around the world, funding at the grassroots level in countries and communities where we have people on the ground.”

Slip into some Athleta Crunch Colorblock 7/8 Tight in SuperSonic, which are made from leftover garment scraps that usually get tossed after a fabric is cut. The high waist and back seam make for some flattering pants.

In Teko Merino SIN3RGI socks your feet will thank you! These socks are made from a blend of organic, chlorine-free tekoMERINO wool and ekoPOLY recycled polyester, and they are the coziest pair of socks we’ve ever worn.

Lace up in a pair of Brooks Running Sneakers, like the Woman’s Ghost 11, and you are wearing a brand that has won several environmental awards for their efforts in sustainability, including The Sprout Award and the Green Runners World Award. 

Clean Out Your Closet For a Clean Environment

There are several companies that will recycle your old sneakers and put them to good use! Nike’s reuse-a-shoe program takes your old sneakers, grinds them down, and uses the material to create all new playing surfaces, like football turfs and basketball courts. 

Get Green Gear
What you bring along for your workout can also make an impact on the environment. 

Yoga Mat
If you are a lover of yoga and the environment, Gaiam has created the perfect yoga mat for you. The Earth Saver Yoga Mat  is made from ultra-lightweight synthetic rubber which is recyclable and 100 percent reusable. The way the mat is constructed also keeps out moisture, germs and odors so you can Namaste without worry. 

Yoga Towel
Bring along the Manduka yoga mat towel from the Yogitoes Earth Collection, and you’ll feel safe knowing that you won’t slip when temperatures rise. The eco-conscious towels have tiny silicone dots that are part of their patented Skidless technology. These towels are made from no fewer than eight recycled plastic bottles!

Ditch the Plastic Water Bottles

If you BYOB–and we’re talking water not wine, of course–to class, you will be doing a big part in protecting our environment. More than 60 million disposable water bottles end up in the trash every single day! Get a good quality, eco-friendly reusable water bottle like the Klean Kanteen “The Original” Classic. The stainless steel bottle is free of BPA–a not-so-good-for-you chemical used in disposable plastic water bottles, lead and other toxins. 

Use DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

If the studio you go to has disposable wipes, suggest to them another way to clean the mat! You can check out how to make your own mat cleaner using invigorating scented oils at Apartment Therapy. Even if you’re shy about suggesting a change at the studio, bring your mat cleaner and hopefully other classmates will pick up on your eco-friendly ways! 

Walk or Bike To Class

While this isn’t always possible depending on where you live, if it is, give it a shot! Driving is the most polluting activity that most people in the United States engage in daily, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Reduce your carbon footprint, and you may also reduce your waistline! Those additional calories burnt from getting to and from class will add up. 

If You Do Drive, Clean Out Your Car

If your car is utilized as a storage unit with all the clothing, shoes, exercise equipment, etc. that you have in there, you are actually using more gas because of how heavy your car is. Lighten up your load! 

Now you are prepared to head to class knowing that you are helping yourself and the environment! We encourage you to look into brands before you purchase their items and see if they are eco-conscious and value sustainability.

Dyana Goldman is a freelance writer, blogger and television script writer living in Los Angeles. She is the daughter of a personal trainer and former fitness instructor so exercise was integrated into her daily life at a young age. From leg-warmers to luluemons, Dyana has always loved trying out the latest fitness trends and experimenting with new ways to keep exercise fun!