These are the hardest classes in the U.S., according to ClassPassers

Classes that kill, classes that burn, classes that make you feel like “I’m gonna throw up — but I’m loving this”. We scanned reviews and crowdsourced data from classes and studios across the U.S. to bring you a list of the toughest studios out there.

Check ‘em out and book your next butt kickin’ class. 


Tone House

Strength Training, HIIT
New York, NY

What ClassPassers are saying: 

“Hardest workout of my life. If you think you’re fit… think again.”

“Wow just wow. Brutal but good. Pretty much almost passed out and threw up.”

Tips from ToneHouse instructor Judine Saint-Gerard:

Before our classes, make sure to: HYDRATE and eat at least 2 hours before, but no closer! 

How to stay motivated during our classes: Know that when you’re done you will literally be better than when you walked in the door, the rest of your day will feel MUCH easier, and you can enjoy that indulgent treat, guilt-free. 

How to survive our classes: Getting into the “team-spirit” you’ll have a whole team (others in class) literally cheering you on the whole way! 



San Francisco, CA

What ClassPassers are saying: 

“I laughed, I (almost) cried, and I definitely sweat more than I have in any class here. Awesome!”

Tips for Reformer Pilates classes:

Before class, make sure to: Arrive early to get comfortable with the machine and space.

How to stay motivated during class: Choose a spot near the center of the room — watching more experienced classmates is a great way to master form and pace. You’ll move slowly and carefully through each move, so embrace those shaking muscles — that means you’re doing it right.

How to survive a class: Modify! Your body is your body, and modified moves will ultimately help you perfect your form. Don’t worry if your moves aren’t perfect the first time around — stay focused, stay strong, and you’ll make it through.

Pilates Plus

Los Angeles, CA

What ClassPassers are saying: 

“This was the hardest class I’ve ever taken. I take 2-3 barre and Pilates classes a week and this kicked my ass.”

Tips from Pilates Plus instructors:

Before our classes, make sure to: Tell yourself “I got this”, be hydrated and ready to work. 

How to stay motivated during our classes: Have that athlete mentality. Always strive to become stronger by finding small challenges in each exercise to keep improving yourself physically and mentally. Remember that 10 seconds will be over soon enough and you’ll finish class stronger than you started!

How to survive our classes: Have a strong mindset. We all have the power within to commit to working harder, we just have to access it to keep us pushing forward. 

Class Studios

Dallas, TX

What ClassPassers are saying: 

“Literally died and had to be resuscitated.”

Hardest workout EVER!! I seriously thought I was going to throw up because it was so hard.”

Tips from Class Studios instructors: 

Before our classes, make sure to: “Be early, stretch, and talk to the instructor about any additional questions or needs you have as an individual.” –Catherine Lau, Train45 Instructor

How to stay motivated during our classes: “You made a commitment to yourself to show up, and show up fully. Use the energy of the room, the music, the lights — whatever it takes to keep you present. Our community is incredibly encouraging; so draw inspiration and encouragement from the people around you when you need it.” Paige Martindell, Instructor & Co-Owner

How to survive our classes: “Have an open mind. Know that your body is capable of more than your mind believes it to be. And know that you will be pushed past your comfort zone but that is the place where change begins.” Maggie Hamilton, Train + Sprint Instructor


Boston, MA (with additional locations throughout the U.S.)

What ClassPassers are saying: 

“Amazing workout, I am very in shape and I thought I was going to throw up. I haven’t had such a good workout in years.”

Tips from exhale instructors:

Before our classes, make sure to: Take a big exhale and clear your mind. This is time to take care of YOU.

How to stay motivated during our classes: “I remind myself that being able to move my body in this way is a privilege, not a chore. Nothing beats the feeling of an endorphin high after a great workout.” –Caitlin Milbury Young, Mind Body Manager

How to survive our classes:Be present and focus on form first.” Thalia Bardell, exhale Teacher

Shred 415

Chicago, IL

What ClassPassers are saying: 

“Kicked my butt! This was one of the hardest classes I’ve ever been to.”

Tips from Shred415 instructors:

Before our classes, make sure to: Sign up in advance and arrive 10-15 minutes early so you are ready when class starts!

How to stay motivated during our classes: You are stronger than you think you are!

How to survive our classes: You can do it! Classes are designed for all fitness levels, so you can go at your own pace and challenge yourself.

High Ride Cycle

Denver, CO

What ClassPassers are saying: 

“HARDEST. CLASS. EVER. But one of the best!”

“Might’ve died a few times. It’s fine??”

Tips from High Ride Cycle instructors:

Before our classes, make sure to: Grab a friend, find bikes next to each other + hold each other accountable!

How to stay motivated during our classes: Think of every song, every pedal stroke as an opportunity vs. an obligation. When you begin to romanticize your body’s movement and celebrate each accomplishment, your mind makes a shift as well. 

How to survive our classes: Believe in yourself. Our Owner + Master Instructor, Megan Hanson, says it all the time, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you are right.” Our classes are hard. If you go to class thinking it will defeat you, it will. But if you go to class determined to give 100% each and every time, you’ll leave sweaty, strong and proud.

SWEAT 1000

Houston, TX

What ClassPassers are saying: 

“One of the hardest, most challenging classes I’ve ever been to before — I loved every minute! I was engaged and working hard throughout the whole class. Can’t wait to go back!”

Tips from SWEAT 1000 instructors:

Before our classes, make sure to: Focus up! Mentally prepare yourself to be present and engaged for the next 60min.

How to stay motivated during our classes: WE CAN DO ALL THINGS! You’re not average and you’re not ordinary. The fact that you chose to take a SWEAT 1000 class makes you above average and extraordinary. Finish and be who you were created to be!

How to survive our classes: Remembering WHY you took this class. If you have a “why” you can survive any “how”.

MINT Studio

Washington, DC

What ClassPassers are saying: 

“Hard as sh*t. I’m dead.”

Tips from MINT instructor Braegan:

Before our classes, make sure to: Food is fuel so it’s important to eat something nutritious ahead of class so you’re your best self during class. 

How to stay motivated during our classes: You made the commitment to yourself to book the class and show up — you owe it to yourself to follow through and push yourself to get through class. You deserve it! 

How to survive our classes: Remind yourself that every class can be tailored to your fitness level. All MINT instructors prioritize safety and their goal is to push you to your limits but never past.  


Seattle, WA

What ClassPassers are saying: 

“Power hour was the hardest I worked all 2019!!”

“Hardest spin class I have taken in a long time (in the absolute best way).”

Tips from BurnCycle instructor Maddison Meier:

Before our classes, make sure to: HYDRATE. Class moves quickly, and we may forget to hydrate as often as we should which can significantly affect your workout. By drinking water an hour before class, you’ll set yourself up for a more productive workout.

How to stay motivated during our classes: Failure is the GOAL. Cycling can be intimidating and can push us to places where we feel out of breath and fatigued from head to toe. This can make us feel like we’re “failing”. I always tell my clients, my goal is always to push you to this level… NOT to make you feel upset but to help you push to the next level of your fitness. Hitting a “failure” is actually your way of finding your new max, of getting strong and pushing to the next level. By viewing failure as a positive, you can let go of fear and truly see how far you can push your body.

How to survive our classes: Getting out of your head! When class starts to get hard, your mind is always going to quit before your body. By getting out of your head and fully immersing yourself into the music or just focusing on the beat, you can take control of the burn and push through those tough moments.

Because every good sweat sesh deserves real recovery, we also asked instructors to share their tips for recovering after a killer class. They agreed on five key practices across the board:

  1. Stay hydrated! Even post-workout, be sure to drink enough water throughout the day.
  2. Take time for a good stretch, especially while you’re warm — this is crucial for muscle recovery.
  3. Try active recovery techniques like foam rolling for sore or tight muscles.
  4. Eat! Refuel with a healthy meal to help your body recover faster.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep — you’ve earned it.

Want to take your recovery to the next level? ClassPass has tons of different active recovery options, like cryotherapy and float therapy — just search “experiences” in your app to see what’s available in your city.

Looking for a new challenge in your city? Take your pick — here are more of the hardest classes across the country. Try them when you’re home or traveling and let us know what you think on Instagram. Who knows, you may find your new favorite workout!


Vibe Ride




Sage Yoga Co.


Pilates O Ka La

Kansas City

The Body Lab KC





New Orleans



HUB Fitness


Firelight Yoga


P2O Hot Pilates

San Diego

Rush Cycle


Pure Pilates Austin


Fit Atelier





Las Vegas







Focus Barre and Yoga


Mecka Fitness



Salt Lake City

Rebel House

St. Louis




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